International Bronze Sculptor Dorry Wynham creates sculptural works of art that reflect the spirit and soul of life. Using classical bronze sculpting techniques, Dorry creates individual bronze busts as sculptural portraits as well as dynamic bronze art pieces reflecting spiritual and life affirming motifs that flow with movement and grace. In addition to human busts, Dorry is also known for her expertise in sculpting horses and other animals.

Classically trained in California, Italy and India, Dorry has been sculpting commissioned estate work for over 20 years.  Private collectors include the late George Harrison, Alfred Ford, Marco Ferrini, and Carlie and Joel Ross.  Museum collections include the FATE Museum in Los Angeles and the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center in Detroit, MI. Dorry’s work has been featured in solo exhibitions in Paris, France, Via Reggio, Italy, Florence , Italy and Los Angeles, CA.

Dorry’s classical sculpting technique is developed from an ancient Indian process that is in danger of becoming a lost art.  Dorry’s passion is to carry on the ancient traditions, while blending Eastern philosophy with New Age Renaissance.  Starting with meditation and divine inspiration, Dorry becomes the vessel for the creation of pieces that inspire reflection and contemplation.