Faux Painting

Dorry Wynham is brought into architectural projects when more than standard faux painting is demanded.  Working with designers, architects and discerning clients, she creates custom finishes working with unique materials.

Renouned interior designer Mickie Ackerman brought Dorry in to work with him on this remodel at Toscana Country Club.  Starting with a pure white envelope, the interior was totally transformed with textural materials, silver leaf and bronze accents.

Private collection.

tropical angel0056

The Great Light Warrior incarnation of Krsna, Kalki comes mounted on his horse Devedatta with sword in hand to dispel the darkness of this age. Commissioned by Alfred Ford, now at a private estate. Life size

tropical angel0061


The Vedic Hindu Incarnation exhibiting the wonderful, fearsome form of half man and half lion.  He is called upon by many to provide strength and is affectionately protective of children.


BUDDHA – The Honored One,
The 20th anniversary re-release of Buddha, originally commissioned by Alfred Ford for the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center, in Detroit, MI, at the Fisher Mansion. Originally produced and shown in cold-cast onyx, this piece is being re-released in Bronze.  Please inquire about other materials. 37″H Limited Edition

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